Hulun Buir Grassland Legend

Hulun Grassland is one of the favorite destinations for tourists in winter. Because it is said that the Hulun Grassland covered with snow is very beautiful scenery.

Located in the northeast of Inner Mongolia and named Lake Hulun and Lake Buir, the Hulunbuir Grassland is one of the three famous grasslands in the world with an altitude between 650 and 700 meters, covering an area of ​​100,000 square meters and natural pastures covering 80%.

Natural Meadow.

A vast area with beautiful scenery, lush plants, more than 3,000 crossing rivers and 500 lakes scattered around, Hulun Buir Prairie like a large green scroll, which gives you unlimited views. This is the most well-maintained pasture in China today and has more than 120 types of grasslands such as grass stipa, alfalfa and wheat, so that it is known as “The Grass Kingdom”.

As the most abundant and excellent pasture in China, it also holds the name “The Purest Prairie” because there is almost no pollution there. Products such as meat, milk, leather, wool, and other animal products are favored by people from both domestic and overseas. This is the place where Genghis Khan was born and is also a famous tourist resort.

Under the nutrition of thousands of rivers, grasslands appear naturally under blue sky and white clouds, with green grass, warblers, and flocks of sheep and livestock around the grasslands. You can ride camels and horses, watch wrestling and horse racing, eat a ‘grassland’ flavored ‘lamb party’, and enjoy a nice bonfire at night; a unique traveler’s lifestyle can be enjoyed.

Legend of Lake Hulun

There is a beautiful legend about how the name Hulun Buir appears. Once, the brave Mongolian tribe had a girl partner, named Hulun, was good at singing and dancing and blessed with beauty and talent, while the boy, named Buir 贝尔, was very strong and talented in driving and shooting. They fought the devil for the sake of love and safety of the prairie and the girl turned into a lake and drowned the devil, while the boy jumped into the lake for the girl, so two lakes appeared: Hulun and Buir.

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