Raja Ampat Maritime Charm Festival 2018, the most anticipated festival of Papuans

Taking place at Waisai Torang Cinta (WTC) which is the favorite location of Raja Ampat residents, the 2018 Raja Ampat Maritime Maritime Festival was officially opened. For five days, from October 18-22, various activities related to tourism and culture in West Papua will entertain tourists and local residents.

In this event, four main and famous islands in Raja Ampat enlivened. Starting from Waisai who is also the capital of Raja Ampat Regency, then Kep. Fam, continue to Kofinau, and end at Misool which is indeed the main destination in Raja Ampat. No wonder if this event is labeled as one of the four island festivals passed.

The first day at Waisai, in addition to the opening ceremonial, tourists were also treated to various dances and stage performances by Sasi. This drama tells the story of “the Matbat people love the sea.” Matbat is a native of Misool.

The festival this time was also different from the previous years, because it was made in the style of a people’s party. Local people and other regions are invited to come together. Stage fillers also from various places around Raja Ampat. No wonder that until midnight, the area around the WTC remained crowded like a night market. Traders and visitors meet the WTC grounds.

Given the Raja Ampat tourist spots, especially the underwater which are sensitive to pollution, this event was also used as a moment for the campaign to reduce the use of plastic drinking bottles. Regency Government Raja Ampat invites all parties to use tumblers instead of plastic bottles.

Tourists who come to the Raja Ampat Maritime Festival this time really get an unforgettable experience.

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